Measures to reduce spear phishing

  • Upload Date : 2022-09-20 15:50:42
  • Ref no : TIFR/ CCCF/015/2022-23
  • Author : Ms. Kausalya Srinivas
  • Last Date : 20-10-2022

CC had conducted a series of cybersecurity user awareness trainings and is putting in focused efforts to reduce incidents of users surrendering their credentials to phishing emails. With spear phishing in rampant state, some more measures are introduced. Photos and mobile numbers of users are not displayed in WAN whereas these details are displayed at TIFR LAN display.
Now, email display is also being taken off the People Finder at WAN. Instead, a tool has been developed to facilitate genuine end users trying to send email to TIFR users. See the notice for details [...] More