The new TIFR logo is minimalist and modern. It admits a variety of interpretations. Three tapering bands curve clockwise and enclose a solid circle. The eye is led to imagine an enclosing rectangle. The logo admits a variety of interpretations, some mundane, others perhaps fanciful. Waves rise up out of the sea and sweep dramatically upward to the sun, representing soaring aspiration while highlighting the sea-face location of TIFR's main campus. But the circle could also represent the moon of truth, or the earth raised up on the swell of scientific knowledge.  In a mathematical perspective the bands pass tangentially to the most perfect geometrical figure and perhaps converge at infinity. In a physical view the logo may represent wave-particle duality. Equally it may suggest quantum levels in chemistry, or planetary orbits in astronomy, or flagella in biology. Or it can depict the three schools of TIFR - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology and Computer Science, merging into a common entity. But any of these would only be a possible interpretation.


The logo has been designed by Mr. Montosh Lall, a 1983 graduate of the J.J. Institute of Applied Art in Mumbai who has designed logos for the Government of India, for international organisations in Europe and the U.S., and for industrial clients. He operates a graphic design  studio in Mumbai.