Scientific Information Resource Centre Copyright Policy

In consideration of the mutual promises in the form of Site License Agreements with various publishers, TIFR agrees as follows:

  1. The electronic journals, databases and the materials contained therein are protected by copyright laws and also as under the site license agreement signed by TIFR with various Publishers.
  2. The licensed materials are available to member of TIFR over the Internet through the use of Domain name(s) or IP addresses of TIFR.
  3. Please note that publishers strictly prohibit systematic and indiscriminate mass downloading of files. If violated, access may be denied by the publishers since all sessions are monitored by them.
  4. TIFR believes in protecting the rights of authors and therefore, the resources available at SIRC are accessible as per provisions made under the copyright act.

All users are requested to follow above guidelines. In case of violation, the publisher may deny online access to the entire user community.