TIFR undertakes outreach initiatives to infuse the spirit of science in the general populace. The Science Popularisation and Public Outreach Committee of TIFR develops programmes which serve the following purposes:

  • Inspiring students to pursue a career in basic sciences.

  • Inform students and the general public about the research work being done at TIFR.

  • Providing a platform for the teaching community to participate in continuing education and research to improve their professional skills.

  • Conveying the importance of exciting new developments in science and technology.

  • Providing authentic information to journalists and science writers etc.

Here are some of TIFR’s flagship science communication and outreach initiatives.

TIFR’s iconic Chai and Why popular science talks have been attracting young minds of all ages for over a decade now. Building on the format of the popular "Café Scientifique" in Europe and "Science Cafés" in the US, Chai and Why engages people who are interested in science but generally never have the opportunity to discuss their views with, and ask questions to someone "in the know".

The TIFR outreach team also conducts several demonstration-driven lectures at schools, especially in rural and under-served communities, reaching out to almost 15-20 thousand students every year.

TIFR regularly opens up the institute to students and the general public, allowing them to visit TIFR and see the laboratories and engage in discussions with the scientists. These initiatives take the form of National Science Day celebrations, Frontiers of Science, Open Day, and more.

Throughout the year, TIFR conducts public lectures, seminars and colloquia by eminent scientists invited from across the globe. The general public is actively encouraged to attend these via all our digital media outlets.