Engineering next generation solar powered batteries

Exploring new ways of storing solar energy is of high demand and it has been demonstrated that a lithium (Li) ion battery can be recharged directly using solar light. Modifications in the conventional two-electrode Li ion cell with a light entering window and a stable photoactive material as electrode are shown to be delivering an energy storage device where the solar energy can be directly harvested as chemical energy.

Fooling a protein into folding

Much like a ball of yarn is expertly knitted into a beautiful sweater, a long chain of amino acids folds into a particular shape and becomes a functioning protein. Except, a protein is able to do that all by itself, without any knitter, through a process known as ‘protein folding’. Understanding folding and gaining the ability to control it can get us one step closer to understanding how life works, and to modulate it as per our wish. [...]

uGMRT unravels the eclipses of millisecond pulsars in compact binary

Eclipses in spider millisecond pulsars (MSPs) have been known over decades, but the true mechanism for the eclipses was still a mystery. A group of scientists from NCRA-TIFR distinctively identify the physical mechanism behind the frequency dependent eclipses observed in spider MSPs using the wide bandwidth observations using uGMRT for the first time. Using the broadband radio spectra, they also determined some of the physical properties of the [...]

Giant Magnetic Pulse Rounds up Spins Far and Wide

A team of researchers at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur have used extremely strong magnetic pulses to line up spins in a magnetic film on a scale never achieved before. They demonstrate beautiful concentric circular patterns of spins as large as hundreds of micrometers. The natural scale for such patterns is typically sub-micrometre. Creation of such large scale ordered spin [...]