PhD Program

We welcome strongly motivated students who have a passion for discovery and research to apply to the TIFR Graduate School. The graduate school is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has a rich tradition of producing excellent academicians who have gone on to successfully contribute to both academic sector and in industry.

The TIFR University runs Ph.D. and integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. programmes in all areas of natural sciences that includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as in Mathematics and Computer Science. TIFR also supports selective M.Sc. program in various sub-domains of Biology. The graduate program is administered not only in the main TIFR Mumbai campus, but in all the Centres located in other parts of India. Degrees are awarded in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Wildlife Biology, Mathematics, Computers and Systems Science and in Science Education. Typically the Ph.D. program is for five-years, the integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. programme is for six years and the M.Sc. programme is for two years. Students are admitted to TIFR through a rigorous selection process, which involves a written test, followed by an interview. Selection is strictly by merit: only the top 1.5 percent applicants are selected.

Please apply to the Graduate School through the Admissions portal.

Summer Internship

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research conducts annual summer programmes in which talented students are introduced to research activities in the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

The selected students are expected to work on a research project under the supervision of a researcher at TIFR.

The programmes are held both at the Mumbai campus of the TIFR as well as at the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), Pune during mid-May to early-July each year.

Visit the Visiting Students Research Program portal.

Junior Research Fellowship

TIFR welcomes JRF/SRF positions which can be used to gain expertise in a research subdomain for 3 years (extendable by 1 year, under circumstances), and can potentially lead to a non-TIFR PhD degree with a suitable supervisor from a NAAC accredited institute in India. These positions are renewed every year based on satisfactory performance by the candidate. TIFR follows the rules and regulations set by DST, including the salary structure.

Project Student Positions

Every department and center in TIFR advertises project student positions which are usually short-term, between 3 to 6 months, allowing students to explore the research environment and facilities at TIFR. Look at the advertisements or openings in the websites of the concerned department or center.