The Technical Services Group is responsible for maintaining on a round-the-clock basis, the following Systems.

  • Air-conditioning systems including the Chilling plants, Split A/C units, Package units, Window Air-conditioners, Water Coolers, Deep freezers, etc.
  • Maintaining both the HT & LT Electrical systems and Lifts in the Institute
  • Maintaining Water supply & Hydrant systems, Sanitary & Drainage systems.
  • Water supply management in both Institute & Colony.
  • Civil works including all masonry, plumbing, painting, carpentry, mechanical and fabrication works.
  • Maintenance of City flats.

This group also plans and implements upgradation/replacement and new projects in the above areas on a continuous basis to ensure all systems are in good working condition at all times. It also coordinates with Government departments and DCS&EM for construction of new buildings. The group provides engineering support to the on-going research activities in the Institute as also during conferences, workshops, etc.

About work order

What is a work order? How can you place a work order?

A work order is the means by which you can lodge complaints and request service from our group. The online Work Order form for TSR can be located at DATANET. Kindly log in to your DATANET account to place your Work Order to TSR.

What happens to your work order?

When we receive your work order, we assigns the work to the relevant Supervisory staff of our section. You can check the status of your work order by log in in to your datanet account. Also you can contact the related supervisory staff for update on your work order. Once the work order is completed you will receive the mail from our section.

Whom should you talk to about your work order?

Additional System Manager : Mr. Ravindra Mardhekar | 8806828672 | 2644


NameMobile NoExtension
Shri R.R. Sharma, Head, A/C 9004090199 2553
Shri R.A. Patil 8454849183 2694
Shri Rupesh A. Rule 2498
Shri A.M. Bhatkar 2382


NameMobile NoExtension
Shri A.P. Singh, Head, EES 9004090198 2688
Shri K.B. Kajrolkar 9004680292 2095
Shri D.V. Shah 9004680296 2493
Shri P.R. Nerkar 2613
Shri Jagdish Prasa d 2122

Civil & Mechanical

Shri R.H. Jagtap 9004090197 2596
Shri A.M. Rupdaja 8454848512 2097
Shri J.H. Rangari 8454848102 2844
Shri A.L. Limbare 8454849617 2968
Shri Y.G. Phadke 8454849620 2693
Shri Shirish Lal 9004088229 2941

Shift Duty Operation

Shri Abby Joseph 8454848514 2569

Drawing Office

Shri R. B. Kambli 2492


If you want service urgently, call one of the following emergency numbers:
AC Plant Room: 2337
Power House: 2601
Shift-duty Foreman: 2569
Shift In-charge: 2915 / 9892100423

Please note that these numbers SHOULD NOT be resorted to unless there is an emergency.