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The James Webb Space Telescope, JWST, is the largest and most sensitive telescope ever flown into space. With the sensitivity 100 times that of the Hubble Space Telescope, JWST will provide us with an unprecedented view of the Universe, allowing us to peer into the cosmos to observe the first galaxies that formed, looking back at almost the beginning of the universe; it will also search for signs of life on other planets and try to answer questions regarding dark energy and dark matter. With JWST now launched, join us to find out why, when, where and how about this amazing mission.

About the speaker:Mr. Mayank Narang is a final year Research Scholar at the Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics at TIFR. He works on star and planet formation and exoplanets. He is also a part of two JWST proposals.

IMPORTANT: Entry at Prithvi Theatre shall be in accordance with covid related guidelines applicable on date. Adults must be fully vaccinated (i.e. more than 15 days since second vaccine dose), please have the vaccination certificate ready to show. Wear proper mask all the time and maintain social distancing as per the theater seating norms.